Oxycontin Rehabilitation Should be Compensated For

It seems like people who have become addicted to drugs like Oxycontin should be given some form of compensation to help break the addiction. Some common sense of researching will show that it is a very addicting drug. People are in need of a prescription drug that helps relieve pain, and drugs like Oxycontin are given to fulfill that need.The issue with this is it is known that this drug will get someone hooked to it. It is not some unknown fact. It is based off of the drug heroin, and everyone knows that heroin is a bad drug that ruins lives.

When you get a prescription for Oxycontin, you are assuming that it is a pain relief drug that is safe. Then down the road, you discover that if you try to decrease the dose of Oxycontin you take, you end up with withdrawals and cannot stand it. Any regular person can end up in a position of addiction with this drug. Who would want to take the drug knowing the number of addiction cases?

All doctors need to be advising all their patients that pain medication drugs like Oxycontin have an extremely high rate of physical addiction. Do understand, if it is taken for a short period of time like a few weeks, you do not have a high chance of addiction. But for the people who need long term pain medication, they are doomed to experience what the hard withdrawal symptoms can be.

It does help to go to an Oxycontin rehab center and get assistance and advice on how to conquer the addiction. In my opinion, financial assistance should be awarded to people who were given this drug and had no idea what was coming. Professional help can educate the person who is addicted and aid them in getting through withdrawal symptoms with the least suffering possible. Now when I say least suffering, that does not mean the withdrawals will be small and easy to handle. The only way that a person can get rid of withdrawals from this drug is to be sedated and unconscious while they are detoxed. There are treatment centers that can do that for a patient, and that is the only way someone can break the addiction without experiencing the serious withdrawal symptoms from oxycontin.

Chances are, the person who is addicted to Oxycontin had to pay for the drug that got them in the position they are in now. Then, having to pay for an oxycontin rehab is absurd. If the person that is addicted has health insurance, then they need to contact their insurance and see if they can be covered for a rehabilitation center. If that is the case, then going to a rehab center and being treatment is a good route to go. Trying to kick the habit cold turkey will be extremely hard and a nightmare. Hopefully the treatment will be covered and the user can get a good place for an experienced and successful oxycontin rehab.