Heroin Detox

Heroin Detox

Heroin is a difficult drug to detox from. The addict can suffer from withdrawal within 12 hours and can top out around 2 to 4 days. The user's nervous system becomes accustom to the use of the drug, and the withdrawal symptoms can be heavy.

After starting a Heroin Detox the following symptoms can occur: insomnia, chills, diarrhea, naesea, anxiety, sneezing, sweating, and sniffing. Medically supervised treatments have improved, but the patient discomfort is high and so is the dropout rate. There is an anesthesia Heroin Detox that is considered to be a quick and painless Heroin Detox method. This method can cost anywhere in the neighborhood of $10,000. There are also serious side effects that can possibly occur such as death, stress, abnormal heart beat, attempted suicide, and more.

One method of detoxing from Heroin is to use the Methadone Detox. Using Methadone for a Heroin Detox is important to monitor. Because Methadone is an opioid, there are no withdrawal symptoms during the detox. It is administered in decreasing doses to wean the user off of Heroin. Although this could be a cheaper method of Heroin Detoxing, Methadone can become addicting, and it is also an extremely hard drug to break addiction from. The important part to refrain from physical addiction during detoxing is to take no more than the prescribed amount of Methadone.

Withdrawal symptoms are a large problem with Heroin Detoxing. The user can have both physical and psychological cravings for the drug. Of the Heroin addicts that try detoxing, the average heroin user will try to detox up to 25 times and relapse each time. It is important that the person attempting to Detox from Heroin is given full support by friends and family. A successful attempt at breaking a Heroin addiction does not just stop at detoxing. The person Detoxing has to remain focused on the goal of breaking addiction, and the positive help surrounding him or her will greatly increase the chances. There is no guarantee that a person who used heroin will not have a relapse.

Although it is very difficult to break the addiction, it is possible to break it with a Heroin Detox.