Oxycodone Withdrawal

Oxycodone is a very addictive drug. A lot of people get addicted to oxycodone because they began taking it as a prescription from their doctor. Then they begin to no longer take the drug for pain medication, but because their body is use to it now. The longer people take the medication, the stronger their tolerance gets. This will cause the person to use more in order to either get a feeling of being high, get rid of any pain, or to stop any withdrawal symptoms from occurring. There are a lot of drug treatment centers that have a lot of experience with opiate drugs, and they are easy to locate. If you are having any problems with withdrawals or addiction, you should look for rehab and treatment centers around you by doing a quick search.

Oxycodone can cause many side effects: constipation, nausea, headache, dry mouth, excessive sweating and dry mouth. If a person were to have an oxycodone overdose, these severe symptoms like seizures, coma, dizziness, and slowed breathing can occur. Oxycodone Withdrawal symptoms are easy to spot: anxiety, diarrhea, nausea, muscle cramping, and restlessness.

If a person takes more Oxycodone than their doctor told them to, it can become an addictive habit. It is related to heroin, and just like its relative, the drug can cause a physical addiction. If the person is taking the drug even though they no longer need it, they are most likely addicted to the drug. The user's body will end up going through withdrawal once they stop taking the drug. In order to stop the Oxycodone withdrawal, more Oxycodone must be taken. Withdrawals can be hard to cope with. A good way to help make a successful detox is to get advice and help from a counselor.

The main use for Oxycodone is to treat moderate to severe pain like bone fractures, cancer, arthritis and more.

Oxycodone is also known by a popular brand, OxyContin. It is very addictive, and not a lot of people know that it is related to heroin. Even though it is a weaker version, it still holds an addictive hold on people. The main source for the addiction is when people begin taking it because their body is becoming use to it. They take more in order to get the same pain relief or ease. Then when they stop taking the drug, the Oxycodone withdrawals start to kick in.

People who start to abuse the drug start to take it in less standard methods. The regular way to obviously take it is to take it in pill form. But more serious abusers can put the pill in boiling water, and then inject it into their blood stream. Another way for people to take oxycodone is to crush the pill up and snort it.

Although the drug is meant for pain relief and many other benefits, it can become addictive if not careful. Oxycodone has even been given to people for migraine headache treatment. You can tell if you or someone else is in a starting stage of addiction if the drug is still taken when no longer needed, and signs of oxycodone withdrawl show. You can look into enrolling in a detox treatment center to help with your addiction and the withdrawals you are having. It is possible to have this treatment covered by health insurance.